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Aaliyah Casket - Photo of Aaliyah Funeral Aaliayh Funeral Photos It has been reported that Aaliyah dead body carried in the casket shown in the photo of. 17 Jun 2009 six years, four months and two days - lay in an open white casket, a tiara on her head.. The sight of such a pretty little girl in a casket sent scores of with her. Explore This Topic: Did the singer Aaliyah have an open casket funeral? Aaliyah's casket was closed; she died in an airplane crash. The plane burst into flames . Aaliyah was a singer who was killed in 2001 in a plane crash caused by the airplane being too heavy.. Aaliyah 's casket was not open for the funeral . 3 Dec 2006. Aaliyah - Entertainment Tonight (Aaliyah's Funeral). Was Aaliyah's funeral open casket? In: Actors. They had pictures of her everywhere and to the left of the casket but it was closed the entire time. i think about . Did Aaliyah have an open casket? no. Aaliyah open casket? they was not goning to be able to because she was burned really really badly R.I.P TO AALIYAH H. Answer (1 of 3): It's not known what the singer Aaliyah wore in her casket, her it should be pretty obvious why Aaliyah didn't have an open casket and why .

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